City of Glass I.

“But that was not exactly thinking, nor was it even remembering.
It was a physical sensation, an imprint of the past that had been left in his body, and he had no control over it.
These moments came Less often now.”


“But I know nothing of time.
I am new everyday.
I am born when I wake up in the morning,
I grow old during the day,
And I die at night when I go to sleep.
It is not my fault.”


“I am not supposed to remember.
But now and then I do,
In spite of what I say.”


“I still like to be in the dark. At least sometimes.
It does me no good. I think.
In the dark I speak God’s language and no one can hear me.
Do not be angry, please. I cannot help it.”



— It was actually last November when I start to take notes of this story from Paul Auster, it’s just recently I started to read it again and then realize I have to put this somewhere that can keep my feelings along with it forever.






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