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No.1 reason why :

I came to here 6 month ago before the school started. Why ?

Cause I want to improve my communication skills. And I was excited to see more of the world.

And thats what most other students want to have but they never had the chance or just simply don’t have enough time.

So comes the idea of building up an organization offer the chance for them to be volunteers in the events they’re interested in, such as sports events…

But why ?

In this case people can train their skills with more enthusiasm, at the same time support their community, or country. Also save them from being too self-centric, blind to the reality around us.

And  nowadays, the demand in volunteer market is getting bigger, cause more educated we are, more we want to leave a positive impact on both ourselves and the world we live in.

But not all the directions were decided..

Not until the No.2 Reason Why happened

#4 Reasons Why The Project